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We sell and install the latest, most reliable solar equipment made by the most reputable renewable energy manufacturers offering the longest most accessible warranties available.

LibcoSolar is fully insured and holds the Solar Contractors License required by the state of Arkansas. Co-founder Chuck Stewart completed classes, passed exams and achieved his first NABCEP certificate in January of 2009. LibcoSolar has since become one of Arkansas's most trusted solar installers.

References from elated home solar power producers across the state

State Regulators Continue Assault on Home Solar

At the Nov. 30th hearing, the Arkansas Public Service Commission recommended a “two-channel” billing system that would give solar customers credit at a rate less than they are charged.

The PSC previously determined that the 600 or so current net metering customers will be grandfathered from the new billing scheme for 20 years.

One unexpected speaker against two- channel billing was Rep. Stephen Meeks (R- Greenbrier), who sided with solar advocates saying legislation he sponsored in 2015 was intended to "encourage  Arkansas to embrace distributed solar." 

A decision seems unlikely before the end of the year. Read More

Don't miss the Grandfather Clause... Order Your Private Solar Power Plant Today! 

30% Solar Tax Credit Scheduled to End with 2019

Don't expect another extension under the current administration

The International Trade Commission made their decision in favor of the American manufacturers and are currently waiting on the president to sign a 35% tariff on the Chinese solar manufacturers. Expect solar panel prices to increase in the U.S. soon. Read More 

If you've thought about installing solar someday in the future, perhaps the future has arrived!    

Solar Services

Solar Site Survey

Determine Your Solar Power Potential

Whether you're considering a complete solar installation or a do-it-yourself solar project, an accurate site survey is the most critical place to start.

Factors such as historic weather data for your area, available space, orientation and tilt of the array, time and duration of any shading and the quality of the solar equipment determine how much power could be generated at your site.

LibcoSolar utilizes the latest software to produce a Site Survey Report that can accurately estimate the amount of solar energy available on your site. With the advancement in satellite photography often a survey can be made utilizing Google Earth.

Once we know the solar potential at your site we can generate a report that estimates the size and cost of the system, the percent reduction of your current power bill and the expected return on your investment. 

Solar Installations

We Make Solar Power Easy 

Pull up a lawn chair and watch LibcoSolar professionally install your private power plant. We take full responsibility for the permits and permissions, the shipping and damages, the insurance and warranties, the installation and inspections, the monitoring and the service. 


Title I Home Improvement Loans thru  ADMIRALS BANK 

DIY Solar Kits

Thought about installing solar yourself?

But... Not sure... Worried about... Will they help... Who handles... Is there someone...

LibcoSolar Provides...

  1. A professional site survey
  2. Array design and layout
  3. Arkansas utility application, permission and permits
  4. Every single part with illustrated instructions
  5. Top brand highest producing solar equipment available
  6. 25 year manufacturer's warranty on every part with a locally responsible agent to call 
  7. *Bonus - An experienced local solar company ready to assist or come to the rescue 

12 panel Solar Kit Just $8,400 in your driveway

Only $5,900 after the 30% tax credit

That's enough solar to cut an average monthly power bill in half! Give us a call and we'll custom design a solar kit with you.

Solar Spotlights

Latest Storage Technology

The StorEdge 7600 watt Inverter with DC Optimizers coupled with the LG Chem 9.6 kWh Lithium-Ion Battery makes this advanced grid tied inverter also serve as a battery backup when the grid is down. But unlike traditional backup systems with expensive batteries waiting for a power failure, these batteries work every day to lower dependency on the utility grid with energy export control, time-of-use shifting, maximized self-consumption and peak shaving capabilities. The DC Optimizers are now compatible with the highest powered 72 cell solar panels. By optimizing the power of each panel separately allows for maximum output regardless of shading, manufacturer variance or dissimilar orientation from the other panels in the array. Optimizers also allow for easy expandability and monitoring of each individual module. LG Chem’s Lamination & Stacking process minimizes dead space, enables higher energy density and enhanced sustainability with compactness and a longer lifespan.

Solar Financing

 Homeowners wishing to finance their solar projects most often choose a home improvement loan. We recommend speaking with your local bank or with Admirals Bank, a national leader in home improvement loans. They’ve been making Title I Home Improvement Loans for over 40 years and are nationally recognized as specializing in solar energy home improvement financing.

Remember these loans are secured with a second mortgage on your home. Beware of fabulous sounding finance options offered through suitable sounding finance companies presented by an insistent salesman making it sound like it’s a simple car loan stretched out for 10 or 20 years. There's no after market demand for repossessed solar panels. If you situation changes someday, they will come for your house. Talk with your trusted financial advisors. 

Abandoned in space in 1967, a US satellite has started transmitting

An amateur radio astronomer picked out the odd faintly transmitting signal. Because the ancient satellite is tumbling in space the solar panels face the sun every four seconds causing the signal to fade in and out. It’s more than likely the on board batteries have disintegrated long ago. This confirms solar panels built 50 years ago are still capable of producing power even in the hostile environs of space.  Read More 

System Monitoring


Click Photos to Visit the Monitoring Page for these LibcoSolar Homes

 Note: These monitoring sites are for the public. Owners have a much more detailed monitoring portal with data down to each individual module. The monitoring service is included for the life of the system. 


See How Much Power a LibcoSolar Home Can Make

Compare the kWhs of these LibcoSolar homes to your current light bill and see how much you could be saving every month. 


Detailed Monitoring Ensures Your Investment Stays Productive  

Find more links to public monitoring sites at the end of this website






 Hi Chuck, I just wanted to tell you how pleased we are with our solar system. It has performed much better than we had expected even with an unusual amount of rain and clouds this past year. Our electric bills have been drastically cut and I actually look forward to the first of the month to see the new bill. The system has had no problems and it’s easy to forget it’s there. I do think of it on sunny days when I just have to go to the website and look at all of those kilowatt hours adding up. I am glad that you wanted to work with us to design the system to fit our house and power needs. And tell your crew we appreciated the smooth quick installation. The world needs more renewable power generation. - Richard in Sherwood, AR 


 It will soon be 5 years since LibcoSolar installed our home solar system and its performance has exceeded our expectations. Prior to our system being installed our Entergy bill averaged around $160.00 per month, now it is less than $40.00 per month. The online monitoring system allows for real time data per each panels performance and can be used to diagnose problems if needed. Outstanding system backed by an outstanding company. - John & Olga in Russellville, AR  

Hot Springs Village

 We contacted Chuck Stewart of LibcoSolar to inquire about solar panels. Chuck did a complete site survey of our solar capacity. We were so impressed with Chuck's knowledge, integrity, and reliability from the onset of this project. Monthly Entergy bills, which too often were in the triple digits, are now less than 1/3 of that. One Entergy bill was merely $27! We almost wanted to frame it. Our system continues to work wonderfully and is almost maintenance free. We really love that we can monitor our system even when we are hundreds of miles from home. We strongly believe that purchasing solar power through LibcoSolar was one of the smartest decisions we have ever made!  - Carole and Bill in Hot Springs Village, AR 


  Chuck Stewart with LibcoSolar came to our home and did a complete site survey to be sure of our solar electric potential. A few days later we received a breakdown of what we could expect from the solar system along with photos of our intended solar site. Chuck Stewart took care of every aspect of the installation and it only took one day to install the complete solar system. The electric company arrived, tested it and signed off on it. I could not believe how smoothly the whole installation went. My goal was to reduce my electric bill and I ended up making a new friend. I can truly say I have never had dealings with anyone that has treated me as well as Chuck Stewart. - Ed and Christa in Jasper, AR  

Hot Springs Village

  We began with the installation of 24 panels on our roof by Chuck Stewart of LibcoSolar. We hoped that the system would produce 50% of our power; however, the system has consistently produced 60% of energy consumption. The system has performed flawlessly, except for a few weather-related blips with our internet. With their constant monitoring of all the homes they install, Chuck discovered these minor problems and called us before we knew about them. We are extremely happy with our solar system and LibcoSolar and very proud of the part we are playing in the quest for green energy in the state of Arkansas. - Jim & Sandy, Hot Springs Village  


  In 2009 a tornado ripped through our town and took down some major trees in our yard. We decided to add solar panels to our home and contracted with LibcoSolar. The system immediately cut my electric bill by 1/3 to 1/2. I can honestly say that out of all the contractors that worked on my house after the tornado, LibcoSolar was the only company who delivered exactly what they promised, on time and for exactly the quoted price. I highly recommend LibcoSolar with absolutely no reservations whatsoever.  PS - 3/2017 Thanks again Chuck for the excellent customer support. My one wonky panel shows power production again and it looks like it will be the leader thanks to the new inverter you installed. - Bruce and Alice in Mena, AR    

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